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September 10, 2013

Law Enforcement: Church of Wells parishioners have not broken any laws in regard to an Arkansas woman whose parents have accused them of holding her in thrall

However, baby death remains under investigation.



"There are three main things that we are extremely alarmed by," she said Tuesday. "One, the statement by the church elders on July 18 that we, her parents, wanted to 'kidnap our daughter and subvert her from their faith.' Two, that we cannot contact Catherine by cell phone and we have not talked to Catherine by herself at all and, three, alarming statements in the 'Doctrine of Judgment'."

In regard to the investigation into the death of the three-day-old, the sheriff's department and the Cherokee County District Attorney's Office are still reviewing the case.

"I can tell you there is some active stuff going on with that," Capt. Raffield said. "Whether that results in criminal charges, who knows? There have been similar cases across the country in recent rears where couples were called out for not providing medical treatment for their children, — where they elected to pray over a child. Some of those cases have been successful. Others have not."

Jacksonville Daily Progress Editor Amy Brocato Pearson contributed to this report.


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