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June 26, 2013

Former LMC campus could be veterans' haven



The plight of veterans is well-known, but not necessarily universally addressed. A June letter posted on Craigslist — ostensibly by a veteran of the United States Armed Forces — is very telling in that regard.

“This situation I am in is unfortunate,” reads the letter from the unnamed veteran. “Sleeping in my car with my cat. I am blessed in many ways and I am trying to help others, even as I am homeless and sometimes hungry.

“Knowing my situation, I am motivated to help others find a place. This is called a moral dilemma, a gut check. I was told by someone recently that they are impressed with me and that gave me a moment of happiness, but at the end of the day, I am sleeping in my car,” the Craigslist message read.

The letter, addressed to a general audience, hits on the plight of many of today's veterans who come home from helping their country fight wars in Iraq or Afghanistan and don't have any true means of support or ways to take care of themselves.

Webb said he is hoping to help create an educational campus focussing on the true betterment of veterans — a drug free, alcohol free campus with dorm rooms, education, counseling, and support.

This idea, if properly launched and received could become nationally recognized. Webb said he is in the process of speaking to two interested parties in facilitating this idea.

Although not a veteran himself, Webb said its hard not to admire the hard work and dedication today's soldiers put in to helping their country.

This idea needs to be pursued to its fullest extent, Webb said..

“This isn't my idea or even a new one,” he said. “It is very, very early in the process, but if it happens we could do some remodeling, make the facilities completely livable and seek the outside funding. The need is definitely there.”

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