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December 5, 2013

Cherokee County Republican files for treasurer

RUSK — Murray Smith of Rusk filed his application for a position on the Republican Primary ballot March 4, 2014, with County Chairman, Jerry Rix recently.  

In lieu of the filing fee, Smith submitted submitted 72 pages of petitions containing the signatures of nearly 650 registered voters in Cherokee County demonstrating widespread grassroots support for his candidacy.  

Smith, a  life-long fiscal and social conservative Republican, is a candidate for Cherokee County Treasurer.  

A Vietnam Veteran, in addition to more than 18 years retail experience in East Texas, he has more than 20 years experience managing multi-million dollar Information Technology (IT) departments and projects in his hometown of Houston which he called a great place to be from.

When asked about his lack of “government” experience, Smith replied, “We all have experience with government. You have experience with government. I have experience with government. Government at every level has forgotten its purpose – to secure our God-given unalienable rights and protect our freedoms – and become so pervasive as to throttle individual liberty, self sufficiency and God dependency. It is way past time for we the people to take back our government.  After a lifetime of working in the private sector, and raising a family, I am ready to bring the same common sense principles each of us have to use every day to conserve our resources and live within our means to the position of county treasurer.”

Smith said he believes the county treasurer should be an advocate for the taxpayers partnering with like-minded public servants to champion the frugal expenditure of the taxpayers' monies on common sense purposes that provide value to taxpayers and he pledged to be that kind of public servant.

For additional information about his experience and philosophy of public service, visit Smith’s website, Murray4Treasurer.com or on Facebook at Murray4Treasurer.

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