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May 10, 2014

Busy morning at JPD nets 3 arrests

JACKSONVILLE — Thanks to the collective efforts of the Jacksonville Police Department, local citizens and a police chief who isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves to help, officials were able to clear four active cases Thursday.

Just after 8 a.m. Thursday, officers were dispatched to a possible burglary in progress in the 100 block of Newburn St., according to a release from the JPD.

As officers arrived on scene they could hear movement inside the residence. A black male was later observed running away from the house, the release said. The suspect was identified by officers as Louis Hooper also known as H Town. Hooper was taken into custody after officers commanded him to stop. He was charged with burglary of

a habitation.

While officers were investigating the Newburn Street burglary, an alarm call was received from Adolpho's Pizza. Since his officers were already busy,  Chief Reece Daniel responded to the alarm.

While Daniel was en route to the alarm call, dispatch gave information of a woman pushing a buggy of stolen merchandise from Wal-Mart down Tena Street. Daniel had passed the woman, and he turned his vehicle around to make contact with her.

The woman immediately began to give information of the theft from Wal-Mart and other possible thefts including a credit card abuse. She also told Daniel about a possible second suspect who remained inside the store.

Daniel detained the woman, Brooke Berryhill, until other officers arrived on the scene. The second suspect, Amber Brown, was also located.

“Upon a thorough investigation involving evidence, witness statements, video and interviews with the suspects in the case, officers were able to determine that a theft had occurred, the release said.

While further investigating the original theft case, officers were able to link Brown and Berryhill to a credit card abuse case and a theft case that had occurred the day before. According to the release, video evidence showed Brown and Berryhill using a stolen credit card to make a large purchase from Wal-Mart the previous morning.

Officers also located a small amount of marijuana on Brown while investigating the theft.

Berryhill and Brown were charged with the theft at Wal-Mart. While investigating further, officers were able to link and charge Brown to the credit card abuse and a theft that occurred the day before, as well.

Berryhill additionally was charged in connection with the credit card abuse case.

Daniel said concerned citizens reported the Newburn Street burglary and Wal-Mart theft to the police department.

“It was a good morning and was made possible by citizens getting involved. I am very grateful to both witnesses who called us on these crimes,” Daniel said. “If these calls were not made to the PD, we would have had a much harder and difficult time working and clearing these cases.”

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