Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


February 5, 2013

Forgetful visitor starts fire when she leaves Travis Towers apartment with pan full of cooking food on stove and her mother in the other room


A woman who placed a pan full of cooking food on the stove in a Travis Towers apartment then briefly left early Tuesday inadvertently started a smokey kitchen fire as her mother lay asleep in a nearby room.

Authorities were able to put out the 7:35 a.m. fire before the older woman could be harmed by fire or smoke, but the small blaze did leave some damage to the apartment, Jacksonville Fire Chief Paul White said.

The fire was in an apartment kitchen on the fourth floor of Travis Towers, the multi-story building located next to EMTC.

"It smoked up the hall and that one room really bad and did the fire damage," the chief said. "I guess the daughter was visiting and she put something to cook on the stove and left. The other lady never got out of bed. The maintenance guy got there first and used the fire extinguisher and firemen got there after that. A lot of smoke, but not a lot of fire."

White said the flame and smoke didn't seem to reach as far as the mother's room. There was some fire damage around the kitchen area.

"But it didn't injure anyone," the chief said.


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