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February 12, 2013


Whether married 2 years or five decades, local Jacksonville residents have similar definitions of 'Love'



With her thoughts on Valentine's Day, Dava said Love, to her, can feel like the answer to a long awaited question. (Especially if one's husband is a traditional southern gentleman like hers.)

And Valentines Day symbols, such as red roses? They're great and beautiful and all, but they're not the meaning of love, Dava said.

"You don't have to buy someone roses to prove you love them — although it's always nice," she said.

The Ainsworths have many years of happiness ahead of them. But Jacksonville is also home to many happy couples whose marriages can be measured in decades.

For instance, Joe and Vicki Weaver have been Valentines for 50 years. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 2 at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville. They renewed their vows in the sanctuary there and received a reception in the Fellowship Hall. Many guests attended.

Vicki Weaver's definition of Love is very similar to Dava's.

"I would say it means caring for someone no matter what the situation," Vicki Weaver said. "You always put that other person first. Also, we've always kept a sense or humor in our marriage, which I think is very important."


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