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May 10, 2013

OPINION: The Front Page Backstory: Because there's always more than what you see

Accusing reporter of racism isn't the whole story



Hoping to put some context on the situation by figuring out who this person was, I searched the ETMC site for an employee with the name listed at the top of her email. No luck.

I tried googling her name and email address, both together and separately. Nothing.

I looked up driver's licenses in the Jacksonville area. Couldn't locate anything.

So, ultimately, I had no luck establishing what this woman's dog was in this particular hunt.

I have never (yet) traveled to the Middle East but have covered it extensively during my over 25 years as a reporter.

It is important to note I do understand the difference in distinction between, say, areas of Saudi Arabia and India. I made my bones in the mid-1990s covering the Muslim community in Arlington, Texas for the Arlington Morning News, pre-9/11.

During that time, I chronicled such important events celebrated there as Eid al-Adha, the "Festival Of Sacrifice" celebrated worldwide to honor — in praise of Allah — the willingness of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his young first-born son Ishmael and Ishmael to being sacrificed.

My life's work also includes over 25 years of civil rights stories. In the late 1990s, I personally met and interviewed civil rights activist Rosa Parks — the African-American woman who refused on Dec. 1, 1955 to relinquish her bus seat to a white passenger — during an appearance she made in Denton prior to her 2005 death.

And going back to my college days, in 1990 I was the first Caucasian at Tarleton State University in Stephenville to join the Minority Mentors, a welcoming group for incoming freshmen of color. I was "Big Brother" to two students from that group — one of whom followed me into the field of journalism.

So I don't appreciate labels such as “racist” being tossed in my direction without proof or appropriate context.

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