Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


July 22, 2013

Wet but not wild: Friday showers briefly flood roads but cause no injuries or damage


If cars could speak, that's probably what they would have been trying to say Friday afternoon as they traveled along U.S. Highway 79, in Jacksonville, to and from the Palestine area.

Scattered showers from thunderstorms that popped up across East Texas Friday caused the slippery wet roads.

They were part of an upper level disturbance rotating across the area, reports show.

The bad weather resulted in minor flooding along low lying drainage areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Local drivers, meanwhile, were forced to slowly slog their vehicles through treacherously rising waters under the watchful eye of Jacksonville Police Officers.

Authorities in their vehicles closely monitored drivers to make sure sure none of them had accidents while trying to navigate the road.

Elsewhere in town, the Jacksonville Fire Department or the Jacksonville Police Department did not report any major accidents or damage.

Throughout the Tyler-Jacksonville area – despite the aforementioned minor flooding – the power continued without interruption, explained Charles Hill, Oncor's regional customer operations manager.

“We are in really good shape,” Hill said Friday. “I do not know of us having any major outages at all.”

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