Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


July 26, 2013

Battleground: Cherokee County

As the new Voter ID law continues to alarm the disenfranchised, a 92-year-old Jacksonville voter discusses her belief that she was forced to “Fight City Hall” to be allowed to participate in the next election.



Even after her nursing home issued a paper verifying she lives there, the DPS declared that the document had to be notarized – finding a notary public can be hard work for someone in their 90s.

Luckily, Delores Roy is a Notary Public. But without her help, this situation could very well have gone another way – and probably does for many voters out there who do not speak out about the red tape, she said.

In addition to her voting ID from the state, Lottie also received a state voting card and a paper version of a Texas Department of Public Safety voter ID, which is an exact duplicate to the versions issued to youths waiting for their first Texas ID or driver's license to arrive in the mail.

All in all, simply getting ready to vote was a very frustrating endeavor. Delores Roy has accumulated a packet packed full of identification material that had to be attained and verified before the DPS would consent to mailing Horn a Voter's photo ID.

Lottie Horn said she is very appreciative to her cousin's wife for all the assistance she has provided on her own time – and her own dime.

“She does everything but eat for me,” Lottie said with a smile.

Delores Roy said it was a pleasure to help Lottie take care of her business.

“I've been helping her with things for awhile – with matters such as bank accounts,” Mrs. Roy explained.

Now that Lottie Horn has her Voter ID, wherever she goes to vote, election judges or workers will bring her ballot to her car so she won't have to exert herself going inside or standing in line. This is a courtesy extended to many senior citizens in the state.

Caesar Roy gave a complete accounting of his cousin's voting difficulties to the Cherokee County Democrat group Thursday night – to many shocked gasps at the amount of difficulty Lottie Horn experienced.

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