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July 26, 2013

Battleground: Cherokee County

As the new Voter ID law continues to alarm the disenfranchised, a 92-year-old Jacksonville voter discusses her belief that she was forced to “Fight City Hall” to be allowed to participate in the next election.



It was obvious that any perceived discrimination against the elderly strikes a sore spot with this group, many of whose members are old enough to fully understand the implications of voter suppression of the elderly.

It is probably telling in regard to the general age of the group that two members had to get up and leave the Thursday around sundown because they had difficulty driving home in the dark.

Politically-speaking, this Cherokee County Democrat group has been very busy these days,

Members are waist-deep in supporting the “Battleground Texas” initiative, a Democrat Party movement that aims at increasing their political influence in the state while eliminating that of Republicans.

There's also their battle against the restrictions being placed on abortion rights in the state of Texas.

Joanna Reagan, a prominent member of Cherokee County's Democrat party, recently issued statement emphasizing solidarity with Wendy Davis, the state senator who held a ten-hour long filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, legislation that would create new abortion regulations in Texas.

Despite the efforts of Davis, the measure was passed, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed it into law on July 18.

During and after the filibuster, Reagan has been fiercely supportive of Davis.

“We stand with Senator Wendy Davis in opposing attempts by the Texas State House to Limit Women's access to health and reproductive care,” Reagan said in an issued statement. “The effort to silence women's voices both in committee and on the senate floor has angered and mobilized Texas women.”


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