Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Robert Fox



Q: Um, I noticed from the pictures, I saw, I thought you had a beard in the photos we saw of you. Have You shaved?

A: That's part of the punishment (unintelligible) my rights have been violated. There's a distinct possibility I will not survive this ordeal. That's why this thing is (unintelligible) to murder.

Q: Oh. That's the murder to which you referred a minute ago?

A: Yes.

Q: They made you cut your hair and they shaved you? Is what you're saying?

A: By (unintelligible) violence and (unintelligible.)

Q: I notice you have your …

A: I've been in the infirmary .. with (unintelligible) has given me heart attacks, congestive heart failure. You know i have suffered (unintelligible)

Q: Well, would you like to discuss your case — what happened? With the charge? … In regard to the case itself and to the House of Israel?

(Fox shows reporter picture through glass)

Q: What am I looking at, Sir?

a: Picture of the former methodist church building in downtown Jacksonville.

Q: I see. Were you intending to buy it?

A: Up for sale in 2007… (unintelligible) Church directorate, cash down payment that was made, and (unintelligible) purchase the building.

Q: And what happened?

A: What happened is immediately after he purchase of the building i was subjected to three SWAT attacks in less than a month. SWAT type attacks because Jacksonville does not have a police department, They have no police department.

Q: What do you mean exactly?

A: What I mean is the public information act request revealed Jacksonville has no police department.

Q: Okay, what about those guys patrolling town and stuff? Are you saying they're unlawful?

A: If a highway patrol office stops you not he highway you must present a driver's license, proof of insurance registration and a state car inspection. Is it okay if you have just one of those things or all of them?

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