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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Robert Fox



A: The House of Israel is a sign that was put on the door directly across the street from the fire department on main street. You ca go back there an take a look. The sign was put up by Dr. Barry Brooks and the sign was there before i ever came to jacksonville. The story that you ran you know,I understand you may have gotten some the information form the super-liar Reece Daniel, but the fact of the matter is, I didn't start the House of Israel. the House of Israel is in the Bible.

Q: So are you saying that was not the name of the church?

A: That was what Dr. Brooks put on the building.

Q: But it was adopted by your church afterward or not?

A: I was invited there by Dr. Brooks and there were people already there and we studied the bible together you know? With the intent to do right. So thats what we did.

Q: And that's when your involvement with the group started?

A. Yeah. WIth the invitation from Dr. Brooks.

A: But you became, like, the reverend, right?

A: (Loudly sighs) I am not quite clear where you're going with this.

Q: I'm just trying to trace the evolution of the House of Israel. Because when I kind of walked into this movie, everything I read indicated you were a minister of the House of Israel at the time you were last in Jacksonville.

A: (Clears throat). Well, they framed Dr. Brooks and put him in prison and his stand on the law was based on supreme court rulings. And the so-called (trial judge) when Dr. Brooks said the supreme court said such an such (the judge) said, 'Well, I don't believe they said that' when it fact they did. But they framed Dr. Brooks and put him in prison. Dr. Brooks, by the way, Dr. Brooks walks a closer path with our savior than anyone I know. He had a dental clinic he operated for 32 years without any complaint because he was licensed as a dentist. An what he did was discount for everyone. For the poor he did it for free. Now you yourself could come in and just claim to be poor and Dr. Brooks would never question it. He would do dentistry for you.

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