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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Robert Fox



Q: Sounds good. Um, you mentioned, you made allusions to your health while in custody awhile ago. Are you on any medication stye provide you with? Is there anything you need you're not getting there?

A: I had been so radically abused in Cherokee County, that I have had multiple heart attacks. They have hospitalized me at least five times. When I was in Cherokee County. and here (unintelligible) not just stopping in, but in the infirmary bed three times basically in three months.

Q: For what?

A: Well, the first time I tripped because i am not well to start with and I crashed down onto concrete floor and they had to take me into the infirmary. The second time in was in prayer and fasting for thirty days and um, I ended up vomiting blood. There were those who worked in the kitchen who blamed rat feces before, which is why I stopped eating. I mean that's the main reasons. It was just an incentive to do prayer and fasting. When i was sick from ...

A: What was the third time?

A: Second time in infirmity was vomiting blood and then, um, a third time (exclaims whew!) Then um, my leg, my leg because of the congestive heart failure… .. In the free world I know how to handle this stuff, but I am not allowed to get what I need here.

Q: Have they given you, you know, any anti depressants or anything like that?

A: I'm not depressed. I'm um, basically at peace with the situation that in the hands of the Almighty and in His Word he says it will be an 'eye for an eye' a 'foot for a foot,' et cetera, Deuteronomy 19, verses 15 to 21: They have borne false witness against me and uh, I fully believe our Heavenly father doesn't need a police department to enforce his law.

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