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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Robert Fox



Q: The chief also had said in these story he tried to have you deported three times. To Canada?

A: Well, um, let's see. Even the feds tried twice and Rockwall County tried once. Here's the deal on that: You notice I'm still here.

Q: Hah? Oh, you're not deported. Right.

A: When they tried in 1990 it was a matter of clarification because I gave them the straight scoop, I gave them the truth and they tried to deport me on some kind of political maneuver in the background and uh, then when we got that straighter out, I was still here. Then the state department brought up charges against me on actually two federal felonies and they lost on both of them. It's not in any of your stuff probably but its in the federal law books from coast to coast. 'US Versus Fox' (gives an unintelligible case number). And that published opinion says right in it that charge was "inconceivable." That's the exact words used to describe the charges against me.

Q: The chief at one point, actually at several points ..

A: Let me finish.

Q: I'm sorry.

A: The third one was previously Rockwall County and district attorney (unintelligible) took it upon himself to frame me and put me in jail for six months. Later, I turned on the TV news. I made myself dinner and figured I could catch some news and there is (unintelligible) coming from a Dallas courtroom flanked by two deputy sheriffs. (unintelligible) in handcuffs, sentenced to 20 years for framing innocent men, tampering with evidence and coercing his coworkers to perjure themselves.

Q: What I was saying earlier is the chief specifically wrote the state department saying he was concerned that you as a member of the seven movement, the sovereign citizen movement would escalate to some kind of violence?

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