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May 24, 2013

Who is Robert Fox?: Transcript of interview with Robert Fox



A: First off, it says in the article I am a member. Where did I show up on a membership roll? And how could I be a member of the sovereign citizen thing when I'm not a citizen?

Q: Okay. Are you affiliated with that group in any way? The sovereign citizens?

A I explained to you that YOU are affiliated with that group. There is, is like 300 million Americans that are affiliated with that group if you will. Who said so? The United States Supreme Court?

Q Okay. Let's nail the term down to 'House of Israel' then. That group that at some point was known as the 'House of Israel' that you prayed with. Those guys. I mean, the chief said he was concerned the group was a haven, instead of being a church, was more of a haven for fugitives and for members of the Sovereign Citizen movement. Is there any truth to that?

A: It's baloney as far as I'm concerned.

Q: Are you affiliated with any group that believes in sovereign citizen rights? Or do you friends or .. We have gotten letters from some people who see you as some kind of folk hero. And my question is, do you have the affiliations they they are talking about in the charges and the stuff they said in the newspaper?

A: NO.

Q: So you are not affiliated with the Republic of Texas, you're not affiliated with the sovereign citizens movement, you're not affiliated with the House of Israel?

A: Okay. Let me explain: I may know Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, uh, even Republic of Texas people. I know all kinds of people, People know me from coast to coast. Now, I am non-political. I have no voters registration, I have no membership in any Republican Party, Democratic Party, Republic of Texas, Libertarian, Sovereign citizen, none of it. I have no membership in any of those organizations.

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