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June 21, 2014

Oncor worker injured while working on electric pole

RUSK — Electrical injuries sustained Wednesday by an Oncor worker while on a job site in Rusk are non-threatening, according to a company official.

The employee, whose name was not being released in accordance to HIPAA laws, was working as part of a crew changing an electrical pole when he was injured, said Tom Trimble, manager for Oncor's Jacksonville service center.

“He was flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas Wednesday. We don't have any details on his condition right now, but we do know that (injuries) are non-threatening,” Trimble said Friday.

“Right now, we're doing an investigation to see what caused the incident,” he said, adding that usually when an electrical injury occurs, it's because of a flash that occurs when two lines come into contact with each other or when a line contacts metal on the ground.

“But at this point, we don't know what happened” in Rusk, he said.

A call came through the police scanner Wednesday morning regarding someone being electrocuted; Lt. Brad George of the Rusk Police Department confirmed afterward that Rusk Fire Department officials were called to assist EMS after an Oncor employee was injured while working on power lines.

Trimble said employees are drilled in safety training, because “our main focus in our company is the safety of our employees.

“Our guys have some of the safest employees at Oncor in the industry,” he said, calling Wednesday's accident “an uncommon thing.”

“Our job and what we do as a company is to make sure we provide safe and reliable service to our customers, but we also believe in safety of our employees first and foremost because we want to make sure our guys go home safe,” Trimble said. “This is an abnormal occurrence.”


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