Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


June 7, 2013

Convicted area drug dealer slapped with 'stiff' sentence


JACKSONVILLE — Officers found pre-packaged bags of marijuana, cocaine powder, and crack “cookies,” in the Crown Victoria and Lincoln, said Det. Sgt. Daniel Franklin.

Crack “cookies,” are made by mixing straight cocaine powder with baking powder or other powder substances and adding water to create a paste.  The paste is then poured into a round bottle where it hardens and takes on a “cookie” shape.

Officers seized the Crown Victoria and Mustang, but did not seize the Lincoln since it did not run, Franklin said.

Officers also seized a Dodge Charger parked outside the shop.  Franklin said the vehicle contained $10,000 in cash.

"It is a big win for Jacksonville," Jacksonville Police Chief Reece Daniel said. "...I am very happy with our new DA and her assistants."




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