Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


October 4, 2013

Three alleged Church of Wells members asked to leave Lufkin ISD campus

• Lufkin ISD public information officer describes incident as "peaceful."



“What they were or weren't saying to them, I don't know,” the lieutenant said.

Lufkin Police officials said they weren't 100 percent positive these were Church of Wells members, but said at least one local newspaper reporter identified them as such on the scene.

A criminal trespass warning, the lieutenant said, only means that a person has been informed by a property owner that he or she is not allowed to come back or re-enter a property.

The lieutenant said none of the men were arrested and won't be unless they return to the campus.

The men who were issued the criminal trespass warnings and asked to leave the Lufkin ISD campus, are Kevin Matthew Fessler, 25, whose Texas driver's license lists him as a Wells resident; Troy Dannenberger, around 47 or 48 years old and the writer of “How God Saved Me and Led Me to A Biblical Church” posted on the Church of Wells webpage, and Christopher Smith. Given the common nature of his name and a lack of available date of birth, personal information was not immediately available.

However, on the Church of Wells site a “Chris Smith” is the author of “How God Saved a Pharisee: The Testimony of Chris Smith 2012.”


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