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August 26, 2013

‘Small-town girl’ makes big-time difference at clinic

JACKSONVILLE — When she was only 16 years old, Betsy Green lost her dog Buster, a 13-year-old mix who was fatally wounded by another canine.

“Buster had been with me all my life,” said Green, 31. “When he came home that day, he was hurt and had trouble breathing. I took him in and he lived one night and then passed away.”

Despite her grief, the youngster found herself both impressed with and inspired by the dedication and respect her dog received from the Morgantown, Kentucky-area veterinarians. They tried very hard – although unsuccessfully – to save his life.

“I was amazed with how hard they worked,” she said. “They really did all they could.”

It took eight years of schooling and training such as undergraduate studies at Western Kentucky University, the College of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee Alabama, and various internships.

But young Betsy eventually found herself in a position to mend her own broken heart.

She grew up to be Dr. Betsy Green, a driven, compassionate veterinarian dedicated to helping animals heal.

After a year at a Dublin, Texas, animal clinic, Dr. Green started working for Dr. Ira Stephens, under whom she had one of her previous internships. She is now the newest team member at Jacksonville's Animal Medical Clinic.  

Married to Lee Green, she is the mother of one-year-old son Reigner and stepmother to Austin, 10. She also has a chocolate Lab named Luka.

Dr. Green said she is here for the long haul as a Jacksonville veterinarian.

“You have to love it to do it and I very much love it,” she said. “I want everyone in Jacksonville to know I'm here and happy to serve the town and everyone's pets.”

Her zeal for helping her patients is evident from her relationship with young puppies such as 5 month old Gus, a lab mix who was in the clinic for a checkup Friday.

Gus is an energetic and excitable little guy who couldn't stop giving the doctor several affectionate licks and kisses.

“I'm so happy to work here,” Dr. Green said with a smile, “We do such amazing work here. We have four exam rooms. We have in-house diagnostics and digital radiography so we don't have to send much out. We can do most of our stuff here. And we're always looking to expand.”

Dr. Stephens, who has practiced medicine in Jacksonville since 1981, said Dr. Green is a great fit for the job. This company's motto is “compassionate pet care in East Texas.”

Additionally, Dr. Green  is a good surgeon  who can relate to patients from all walks of life, he added.

“She's a small town girl,” Dr. Stephens said, “Big city girls don't do as well with country folks.”

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