Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX

September 10, 2013

Church of Wells: Feud prompts first communication from Church of Wells

Ben Tinsley
Jacksonville Daily Progress

WELLS — Following are communications to the media from Church of Wells Elder Sean Morris, which to date are the only public statements from this group:

• September 7, 2013: (To area reporters) “We have heretofore kept silent about vital information which greatly affected the course of our decisions regarding how to counsel Catherine Grove concerning her relationship with her parents, Andy and Patty Grove. This information would justify much of our caution and carefulness when, in contradiction to his, the Groves desire to oversimplify the situation and make us appear to be as madmen.

We have, generally speaking, kept silent about this information because we have not wanted to defame the Groves unnecessarily, we have not wanted such information of this kind (because it is a shame to even speak of it) to go public for the world to gossip about … nevertheless, because of Patty Groves shameless audacity to accuse us we are compelled to speak forth on this matter. She has pushed it this far, and we believe that this information needs to be made public.

Patty has recently made me, Sean Morris, look outrageous and madly bent on any means of fabrication, specifically when (at the Town Meeting), she announced to the congregation of people how shameful it is that I associated the past of Catherine Grove to be dangerously affected by Satanic Worship. The entire sentence as it was written in the Lufkin Daily news states: “When the whispers from the townspeople grew to a low roar, Patty Grove said, “I am very upset because (Church of Wells elder) Sean Morris called my daughter a Satan worshiper. It is not OK that you’re letting him speak about my daughter.”

• September 8, 2013: (To area reporters) “To those of you who got my email and responded to the information fast enough, you may have seen the Facebook page before it was taken down. It was taken down because the Grove family is trying to hide the Satanism of their daughter (Amy Grove). To those of you who have seen photographs of Catherine Grove, you may have noticed a resemblance with the lady on the FB page.

That was Catherine's sister, Amy Grove. In my previous email I had explained (yet again) another way in which Patty and Andy are slandering and misrepresenting the situation...well, Catherine lived with Amy for approximately two years and has had trailing spiritual side effects ever since then. If you spend any good length of time on Amy's Facebook page, you will see how Satanic it is. It contains some of the most terrifying and evil things I have ever seen in my life.

…  I got on the Facebook page the night before she took it down because I was preparing to contact you all. At the time I sent you the former email, the link was still active and the page was still up. Even though it is now taken down, I have saved screen shots of the Facebook page (with the Facebook banner and all to prove that it comes from her FB page), photographs which display what I have reported to you now, etc... Most of this was recovered through cached internet files that I viewed from the night before.”

• September 9, 2013: (Email conversation with Ben Tinsley, Jacksonville Daily Progress, who has asked them for an interview regardless of the aborted press conference) “Getting caught in a den of reporters without the Facebook page as evidence of what I would be saying … that is a position which any reasonable person would avoid (and I already knew that the Patty would be covering it up and lying about it, so I knew I needed evidence).

The satanism on that page was so evil and vile … I could be incriminated myself if I had no evidence to prove it. I was not going into that conference without every reporter seeing for themselves what I would be speaking about, for I know they would not believe me if I were to tell them. God knows I was not playing power games … most of the reporters were not able to look at the Facebook page before it was taken down. Your editor should be asking himself the question, “why was the Facebook page taken down?”

If you were in our situation (and you were innocent), what would you have done? Did you see the Facebook page before it was taken down? Also, have you listened to the recordings which we have made on our website in response to the accusations of the Groves? I am sure you would not trust us if you did not listen to these … the slanders are just too many.

I plan to spend the day in prayer and study of Scripture, and in this time I will consider what we are going to do.

Also, we are waiting to hear back from other reporters whose trust we have, one of which may be posting an accurate representation of the facts. Our decision to go through with your request will depend upon what we hear back from this reporter. May God have mercy.”