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December 6, 2013

Verdict and jail sentence of House of Israel's Robert Fox overturned by court of appeals

Texarkana — Declaring the evidence "legally insufficient to support the conviction," the state's Sixth Appellate District Court of Appeals this week reversed Jacksonville House of Israel member Robert Fox's 2009 conviction for tampering with a government record — formally acquitting him of the charge.

However, Fox, 64, remains in custody on a Homeland Security hold and still faces deportation to Canada on murder charges, authorities have confirmed. Constable Eric Hofley, of Winnipeg, Alberta, Canada, said Friday there still is a country-wide warrant for Fox's arrest.

District Attorney Rachel Patton could not immediately be reached Friday morning to comment on the overturning of Fox's 2009 conviction in the Second District Court of Cherokee County. But Jacksonville Police Chief Reece Daniel said he remains confident the original verdict was justified.

The chief said the acquittal stems from Fox's continued manipulation of the system, which includes his continued refusal to recognize legal proceedings or statutes at any level of American government.

Also, Fox's adherence to “natural law” has prevented him subscribing to notions of taxation or even U.S. currency, officials say.

"This is part and parcel what he has done since he entered the country in the 1970s," the chief said. "He knows how to play with the system and teaches others to do it. In my opinion we convicted him. The court of appeals decided there wasn't enough information there and that is their problem, not mine. Jacksonville is rid of him, and that's all I really care about at the moment."

The Dec. 4 opinion by Chief Justice Josh R. Morriss III and Justices Jack Carter and Bailey C. Moseley states that a "claim to sue" notice presented to the city by Fox was not a false government document as his jury concluded and therefore was insufficient to support his conviction.

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