Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


January 31, 2013

'I want the kid': Neighborhood mother is credited with driving away potential kidnapper; suspect, 63, a convicted felon, apprehended this week after short chase


A slow-rolling, 63-year-old driver with an extensive criminal history ranging from DWI to jail escape apparently — and unsuccessfully —  tried to lure a 9-year-old boy into his maroon 1990 Lexus passenger car earlier this week.

"No one — no kid — was ever grabbed or touched at any time and the man did not exhibit any weapon we know of," Jacksonville Police Det. Jeremy Pate said. "But it was clearly a kidnapping attempt."

Before he was captured the next day by Jacksonville police, Jimmy Nicholas Pfeuffer of Jacksonville — a felon with convictions that date back nearly 50 years — was fairly blatant about his intentions to abduct the child. He voiced them to a horrified mother in full view of a yard packed with very young children.

Pate said Pfeuffer, according to the mother, appeared to be intoxicated at the time.

"He (Pfeuffer) drove up in his car and motioned one of the group of 6-to-10 year olds to his vehicle," Pate said. "He was sitting in the driver's seat and did not climb out. One of the kids walked up, and gets about two or three feet away. The man said something to him. The mother noticed what was going on but couldn't hear what the man was saying. So she walks up and asks the man what he was doing there."

Pfeuffer is alleged to have responded, "I want the kid."

The mother either couldn't hear him or couldn't believe what she was hearing so she asked him to repeat himself, reports show.

"Again he says, 'I want the kid,'" Pate said. "So she responds, 'You want this kid?' and he acknowledged that was exactly what he had said. So she responded, 'You're not getting anything here! You need to LEAVE!'"

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