Daily Progress, Jacksonville, TX


June 14, 2014

Fishing for time together

JACKSONVILLE — On Wednesday morning, my Dad realized Sunday is Father's Day.

I had been planning a long-awaited fishing outing with him and my brother for the day. However, it had not yet clicked with him why I'd chosen Sunday.

We haven't been fishing in years ... I'd say at least 15 years. And the past four years have been hard on us all, losing my Mom in 2010. The 10 years prior to that, my Dad was taking care of my Mom (after a stroke).

At some point in there, I bought my Dad a rod-and-reel for Father's Day. But we never got to go because of his health concerns at the time. That gift was never used, and I think it may have ended up being sold. But that's OK. I understand that times have been tough.

Today, I'm going to buy him a new one! And this time, it is going to be used.

We are planning to keep it simple ... rod-and-reels, worms and maybe some extra line, gloves and hooks. Then we will go to Ratcliff Lake or one of the Angelina River bridges (both bodies of water are near where I grew up), and cast a line.

It doesn't matter if we catch anything. In fact, my Dad has already said "probably won't catch anything." He isn't a very optimistic person!

I bet if he reels in something though ... he will change his tune. Unless it's a boot ... or a snake. In that case, we will probably leave and continue the day in the air-conditioned house.

Either way, we will be together. And that is a gift we can all enjoy.

Sometimes, I think fathers get overlooked in comparison to mothers. Even national reports and surveys show that Mother's Day is more highly observed.

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