PALESTINE – The derailment of a Texas State Railroad excursion run, while yielding no injuries, has forced cancellation of its September schedule, said a TSR official.”

At approximately 2:35 p.m. (Friday), the Texas State Railroad excursion run derailed on the return journey from Rusk to Palestine, (with) all passengers safely deboarded from the train and transported to the Palestine Depot," said Teresa Propeck, TSR vice president of passenger services. "Scheduled trains through the end of September have been canceled at this time.”

A full inspection and investigation are underway, she said, adding that "the damage to our historic equipment is relatively minor. Manpower is being organized to derail the equipment, and resources to gather the repairs done are being assembled.”

Company employees specializing in track and equipment repairs also were on their way to the site, she said. 

According to the Palestine Herald-Press, several cars left the tracks during the afternoon ride, approximately 10 miles from Palestine.

Passengers from the derailed cars were moved to the cars still on the track and that portion of the train was eventually able to make it back to its Palestine depot.

The derailed cars were left behind.

There was no report of injuries.

No explanation for why the cars derailed had been reported by the owners of the TSR as of press time Friday.

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