Area 4-H students recognized for photos

The Cherokee County 4-H Photography Project was honored to be asked by the Singletary Memorial Library in Rusk to do a photography exhibit.

Cherokee County was well represented in the Photography Contest at the 4-H District Roundup held in April 2017 at Stephen F. Austin University.

Participants entered photos in several of the 15 possible categories, and many of our 4-H members placed. Junior: Food: Jackson Foster 2nd place Details: Jackson Foster 4th place Dominant Color: Jackson Foster 3rd Intermediate: Nature: Madisyn Foster 1st; Laurie Gentry 4th Animals Wildlife: Madisyn Foster 4th Catch-All: Madisyn Foster 2nd; Laurie Gentry 3rd Details: Madisyn Foster Foster 3rd; Laurie Gentry 5th People: Laurie Gentry 4th Plant: Laurie Gentry 3rd Dominant. Color: Madisyn Foster 2nd Elements. of Design: Madisyn Foster 1st Senior: Animals Domestic: Kennedy Foster 1st; Madeline Ella Kovacs 2nd; Livia Sessions 5th Food: Kennedy Foster 3rd Animals Wildlife: Madeline Ella Kovacs 3rd Catch-All: Livia Sessions 1st Details: Livia Sessions 2nd Night: Livia Sessions 2nd; Meg Kovacs 5th Darkroom: Livia Sessions 3rd; Meg Kovacs 4th People: Kennedy Foster 1st Dominant Color: Madeline Ella Kovacs 5th Plant: Madeline Ella Kovacs 4th Elements of Design: Kennedy Foster 1st; Livia Sessions 4th.

This year apparently the District Office had an "unofficial" judging for their favorites in each category. A couple of our girls won those. Intermediate: Laurie Gentry for her "Theme" photo Senior: Livia Sessions for Domestic, Wildlife, Nature and Plant photos. This year 4-H members have also been learning how to actually judge photos, and we had several compete in that at District. Intermediates Madisyn Foster, 4th place, and Laurie Gentry, 2nd place. Senior participants were: Ella Kovacs, 5th place, Kennedy Foster, 4th place, Meg Kovacs, 3rd place. Our Senior Photo Judging Team made up of Meg Kovacs, Ella Kovacs and Kennedy Foster took First Place. Pictured are Livia Sessions, Ella Kovacs, Kennedy Foster and Meg Kovacs. Not pictured: Jackson Foster and Laurie Gentry.

The group looks forward to competing at the State Roundup which will be held at A&M University in June. For the first time ever, Cherokee County will be represented by both an Intermediate and Senior Team at the 4-H State Roundup.

Representing Cherokee County on the Intermediate Team will be Austin Patterson, Madisyn Foster, and Laurie Gentry. The Senior Team will be represented by Ella Kovacs, Livia Sessions and Kennedy Foster. We know they will make us proud.


The Cherokee County 4-H Photography Project was honored to be asked by the Singletary Memorial Library in Rusk to do a photography exhibit. The 4-H members chose several of their favorite photos and then learned how to mount them at one of the monthly workshops.  There are approximately 30 photos on display. We are very pleased with their efforts and talents. Please be sure to stop by the Singletary Memorial Library in Rusk and view them.

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