Andrea Ivins

Question: Do I really need to sweat profusely to get in a good workout, or is this another fitness myth?

Answer: Myth all the way! Sweating and the overall quality of your workout do not go hand in hand. Workout quality depends on the type of activity, the intensity and the duration.

Sweating is simply a way for your overheated body to cool itself…that’s it. Some people sweat from the very beginning of physical activity and others end up doing 30 minutes before the first bead hits the floor.

Your environment, specifically the temperature and humidity, certainly plays a role, but the amount you sweat is very individualized as well. When you’re physically active, your core body temperature rises and the body looks for an easy way to dissipate heat. So, the next time you’re sweating and someone mentions that you look hot, just tell them, “Really, I was just starting to get cool.”

About the author: Andrea Ivins is the club manager and Zumba Instructor at Anytime Fitness in Palestine, TX.

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