Andrea Ivins

Question: With the weather getting colder and flu season almost upon us, can you provide a little refresher on working out when you’re sick?

Answer: Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this, but here’s the scoop.

You often hear people say that working out is fine if it’s just a head cold — stuffy nose, coughing, and other stuff that you don’t like, but can deal with. This is generally true, but if you have a fever, body aches, or other more serious symptoms, you should leave the exercising to the rest of us.

This philosophy is actually pretty sound, but consider these issues as well.

When I’m working out, I don’t really want people that are sneezing and coughing around me — and I would guess you don’t either. Plus, I like to work out with intensity, and I put a premium on the quality of my exercise.

Therefore, I would rather rest up for a day or two, even if I just have a head cold.

Then, when I get back to exercising, I can pick-up right where I left off. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands, so do what’s best for you!

About the author: Andrea Ivins is the club manager and Zumba Instructor at Anytime Fitness in Palestine.

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