Trails are pathways that lead to opportunities. Trail blazers who travel by faith, maximizing every opportunity lead the way for others to follow and make change. Rev. C.C. White was such a person.

Rev. C.C. White was raised in what people called Old Big Hills near Shelbyville, Texas. His mother was half Indian and his Grandmother was full Indian. The teachings that his mother and grandmother passed on to him greatly influenced his life. At the age of three he began preaching. He was baptized in the Bell Creek along with 200 other people. The Rev. White experienced many trials early in life that enabled him to develop a close relationship with God and shape him into a great man.

Rev. White’s mother raised him without the help of his father who left early in the marriage. His mother was a strong disciplinarian and this helped develop character in him and teach him to live a focused life. He was raised in a one room log cabin with an open ceiling that allowed him to look up and see the stars at night. Meals were prepared in this little cabin on an open fireplace. His mother constantly moved from place to place to upgrade living conditions for her three children. She met the challenges of whatever life presented, with a demonstration of love, discipline and hard work. It was doing these formative years that his mother passed on her knowledge and skill of meat processing taught her by her Indian mother. Later Rev. White would use this knowledge and skill to give birth to a dream of “God’s Storehouse.” Meat processing will be one of the services offered at “God’s Storehouse.”

Rev. White recognized the importance of education at an early age. School life introduced him to another level of experiences that impacted his future life greatly. He came into an awareness of his manhood at the age of seven when he got his first pair of pants. He met a young lady at school whose name was Isabel, that helped influence his future relationships with females.

Rev. White’s belief and trust in God was demonstrated throughout his life. At the urging of his wife he became a part of the Church of God in Christ and it was at this time that his relationship with God took on new meaning and became deepened. The role of God in fulfilling his life’s purpose became clearer. In Rev. White’s own words “I have not been anyways near this close to God before”.

It was one evening that a pivotal change was about to take place in Rev. White’s life as he listened to God, and a vision was unfolded that caused him to move to Jacksonville, Texas. He took this leap of faith that continued to propel him forward the rest of his life. He was met with and overcame many challenges as the vision unfolded in establishing a church on “The Hill”. He overcame every obstacle and threats from the people and Pastor’s in the community by moving forward in faith. He erected a church building and watched God draw the people in and build the congregation as they continued to meet for church services regularly.

God’s grace and favor became more evident in Rev. White’s life’s work when he received help from the City of Jacksonville; both black and white businesses. Names like Allen Dotson, Archie Cook, Henry Holcomb and Mrs. Ada M. Holland’s book “No Quittin’ Sense” provided the background information for this article. The following is a list of Rev. White’s accomplishments:

1. God Storehouse

2. Blood Bank at Travis Hospital

3. Ministerial Alliance that included both Black and White Ministers in Jacksonville, Texas

4. The earlier Hope Services of Jacksonville, Texas

5. A working relationship with both elected Officials and the Police Department of Jacksonville, TX.

Thanks to Mr. Calvin Brown of Brown’s Bar- B- Q, Jacksonville, Texas a descendant of Rev. White, for allowing God to use him to carry on this great legacy. The seed of Mr. Brown’s future began a long time ago with Rev. C.C. White, and now the baton has been passed on to Mr. Brown to build on that legacy and revitalize “The Hill.”

Mr. Brown has accepted the challenge and is moving forward to build on that foundation. Just as God blessed his grandfather to establish relationships and network with businesses, individuals and organizations in the community, he can establish the same pattern. By presenting a clearly defined purpose with clarity, he can go beyond what has been accomplished and make an impact on the community for continued growth.

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