RUSK — The following is a list of individuals filing for marriage applications at the county courthouse in Rusk from Dec. 8 through Jan. 12.

• Timothy Davis of Rusk and Amber Turner of Rusk on Dec. 10.

• Ryan Rushing of Rusk and Doranna Wood of Rusk on Dec. 10.

• Kip Franklin of Jacksonville and Leslie Isaacs of Jacksonville on Dec. 11.

• Luis Munoz of Jacksonville and Karla Ortega of Jacksonville on Dec. 11.

• Clifford Rouff of New Summerfield and Estrella Miral of New Summerfield on Dec. 15.

• Claude Lenard of Alto and Kimberly Parsons of Alto on Dec. 15.

• Billy Robinson of Jacksonville and Julie Odom of Jacksonville on Dec. 16.

• Jose Lozano of Rusk and Maria Cervantes of Rusk on Dec. 17.

• Daniel Hinojosa-Gonzalez of Bullard and Ana Gonzalez of Jacksonville on Dec. 18.

• Lee Traylor of Jacksonville and Sarah Waller of Jacksonville on Dec. 19.

• Casey Minchew of Rusk and Amber Smith of Rusk on Dec. 19.

• Darrick McDuff of Jacksonville and Cynthia Willis of Jacksonville on Dec. 23.

• Rolando Cano of Jacksonville and Alma Martinez of Jacksonville on Dec. 29.

• Thomas Richardson of Alto and Christian Keener of Alto on Dec. 29.

• Kraig Harvey of Jacksonville and Julie Stone of Jacksonville on Dec. 30.

• Howard Thacker of Alto and Sara Picard of Alto on Dec. 31.

• Elvis Tinajero of Bullard and Antonia Arreguin of Bullard on Dec. 31.

• Dustin Ragsdale of Plano and Elizabeth Rasmussen of Plano on Jan. 2.

• Arturo Loya of Rusk and Amanda Reid of Rusk on Jan. 6.

• Cory McDaniel of Jacksonville and Lindsey Hodges of Jacksonville on Jan. 9.


The following is a list of individuals filing for divorce applications at the county courthouse in Rusk from Nov. 21 through Jan. 9. All are from Cherokee County.

• Aaron P. Dement and Nikki N. Ansley on Nov. 21.

• Brenda J. Franklin and Rufus L. Franklin on Dec. 5.

• Maria A. Miller and Russell V. Miller on Dec. 5.

• Cynthia Turner and Reginald Turner on Dec. 8.

• Robert W. Mott and Tricia J. Mott on Dec. 8.

• William Parrott and Samantha Parrott on Dec. 15.

• Katie A. Sorenson and Taylor M. Sorenson on Dec. 17.

• Justin M. Stanley and Amy L. Stanley on Dec. 18.

• James R. Fernandez and Deborah A. Fernandez on Dec. 22.

• Roxann D. Whitworth and Cody F. Whitworth on Dec. 29.

• Brenda K. Rhymes and Leonard W. Rhymes Jr. on Jan. 2.

• Vicki L. Simpson and Gary L. Simpson on Jan. 5.

• Jean S. Hale and Carl D. Hale on Jan. 5.

• Jennifer Gonzales and Uvalde Navarro on Jan. 6.

• Heather L. Metzig and Robert T. Metzig on Jan. 9.

• Jennifer Sanders and Mike Sanders on Jan. 9.

• Molly A. Jowell and Lee D. Jowell on Jan. 9.

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