The descendants of the late Mr. and Mrs. V.L. Dyess met for their annual family reunion on July 4 at the camphouse of Forrest and Rita Dyess of Rusk.

There were 84 family members and six visitors present. Barbecue briskets, vegetables and desserts were enjoyed by all. Basketball, fishing, picture taking, visiting and snowcones were all part of the day.

Those present include Forrest and Rita Dyess of Rusk; Kenny and Kim Dyess of Rusk; Katy Cowan of Rusk; Jody, Bonnie, Annie, Hayden and Karen Dyess, all of Rusk; Amanda Dover and Trent Fulton, of Rusk; Rodney and Cathy Newman of Rusk; Jacob and Heidi Newman of Rusk; Randy and Terrie Sadler of Rusk; and Nikita Sadler of Rusk.

Also Garrett Jones of Rusk; R.S. and Esther Dyess of Rusk; Terry, Lesa and Trent Jones, all of Rusk; Mary Dyess of Flint; Candace Dyess of Flint; Stephanie and Clay Moore of Bullard; Cash, Whitney and Austin Hines of Waco; David, Denise and Austin Dyess of Murchison; Jerry, Michelle, Talon, Jacob and Cale Dyess of New Harmony; Joe and Martha Parsley of Troup; Ron, JoAnn and Hayden Burns of Troup; Jeff, Carrie, Jordan, Emorie and Cooper Parsley of Troup; George and Louella Simmons of Neches; Kevin and Heather Simmons of Neches; Neal, Jenny and Emilee Jackson of Gallatin; Johnny and Gloria Martin of Gallatin; Sarah Martin of Gallatin; Brent, Crystal and Ryder Slaton of Allen; John and Debbie Dyess of Jacksonville; and Jade Dyess, Cord Stover and Bradon Hooker, all of Jacksonville.

Also Billy and Mary Jane Dyess of Jacksonville; Ethel Grimes of Jacksonville; Neal and Helen Dyess of Jacksonville; Jimmy Neal Dyess and William and Ryan Dyess, all of Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kennedy of Rusk; Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Newman of Maydelle; Thomas and Debbie Jay of Rusk and Darlos and Kandus Hines of Bullard.

Visitors were Chad Walker, Cody Wallace and John Trotter, all of Rusk; and Byron, Heather and Bella Carpenter of Jacksonville.

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