Spring brings thoughts of travel to many, and this year, if you’re planning to take a trip, plan to take a copy of the Daily Progress with you.

Beginning this year, the Progress will publish photos sent to us of people posing in front of landmarks while on vacation in the Living section as we receive them.

There are just a few suggestion to follow, though.

First, the photo should be close enough to the person so we can read the name of the paper. We want everyone to know it’s the Progress you’re traveling with.

Second, pose in front of your favorite landmark while on vacation and have your photo snapped.

Third, send your photo to the Progress, Attn: Lauren LaFleur, Living Editor.

With your photo, include the name of the person in the photo, when you took the vacation and where you went.

Also, include some interesting stuff about your vacation — why did you choose to go where you visited?

What are some interesting sights to see at your vacation spot?

Do you have any travel tips for other Progress readers?

What is your favorite memory from your vacation?

Send that typed, neatly handwritten or even in e-mail form, and we will publish your information and photo.

Submissions to “Traveling with the Progress” can be brought to the Jacksonville Daily Progress offices at 525 E. Commerce St.; mailed to P.O. Box 711, Jacksonville, TX 75766; or e-mailed to living@jacksonvilleprogress.com.

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