The following is a question and answer with Nancy Washburn, secretary for the United Fund of Cherokee County. The organization, which provides financial support for service organizations in the county, is still accepting donations for its fund raising drive.

Does all of the money given to United Fund of Cherokee County stay in Cherokee County?

Yes, all of the money stays in Cherokee County. Some of the checks are mailed out of the county; however, the national-affiliated agencies spend more money on their programs in Cherokee County than they are given by the United Fund.

How are the organizations supported by United Fund chosen each year?

Every spring (usually in May), the United Fund Board of Directors hold the annual budget hearing. Non-profit agencies come before the Board and present their request for funding for the next year. Prior to the meeting, the agencies provide the Board with information about their agencies. The Directors are able to ask the agency representatives any questions they may have regarding the information presented.

After all of the agencies have made their requests, the Board discusses what the goal will be and how the money will be allocated amongst the agencies.

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