COVID-19: Latest figures top 600 confirmed cases

CHEROKEE COUNTY – Local county health officials have released newly reported figures of confirmed COVID-19 cases, are now at 606.

Of these, 390 are recoveries, while 214 are active, according to a snapshot, released at 4:30 p.m. Thursday by the Cherokee County Public Health Department.

Jacksonville reports the highest number of cases, at 344, while Rusk reports 95 confirmed cases. Meanwhile, only two COVID-related deaths have been posted since data first began being collected; early on, Rusk reported one death, while a second loss was reported in Wells.

The virus remains largely disseminated by community spread (98 percent), with the remaining two percent were chalked up to travel-related spread.

The largest demographic remains the 21-to-30 year-old age group, with 111 reported confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The 51-to-60 age range reflects 88 confirmed cases, while the 11-to-20 and the 31-to-40 demographics each have 86 confirmed cases, according to CCPHD data.

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