Catherine Groves leaves Church of Wells

Catherine Grove eyes the photographer during a protest in April 2014 with the Church of Wells. Catherine joined the church in 2013.

For many parents, a nighttime call saying a loved one is with law enforcement is cause for alarm, but for Andy and Patty Grove, just the opposite is true.

The Grove's daughter, Catherine Grove, who left home in 2013 to join the Church of Wells, was ready to return home.

According to Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches, a 911 call was received about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, when Catherine told officials she needed a ride.

About the same time, a welfare concern call was received, Sanches said. A person reported Catherine walking down U.S. Highway 69.

An Angelina County deputy responded to the location and transported Catherine to the sheriff's office.

“She wasn't injured,” Sanches said. “She didn't want to talk much, but my captain got in there and talked to her. He didn't push her (to do anything) though, because it was her decision.”

At first, Catherine told officials she wanted to go to a shelter. However, she did not meet the criteria needed to stay at the available shelter, Sanches said.

Sanches said Captain Alton Lenderman then talked to her about being a father himself and knowing she had a father who would likely want to hear from her.

“The bottom line is, every dad loves his daughter and he will do whatever he needs to, to protect her,” Lenderman told TV station KTRE. “You will always be the little girl that plays in the sandbox. The bottom line is, you can do what you want to do. I will not make you go with him, but if you want to go I will let you go.”

Word traveled fast in the small town of Wells, however, and Catherine's father soon called the sheriff's department.

Andy Grove arrived in Lufkin with a friend about 1:30 a.m. Friday to pick his daughter up.

After semi-constant media attention – including a Facebook page called "Pray for Catherine Grove" that focused on her return to her family – her parents' prayers were answered on Good Friday.

Sanches said that as of Friday morning, nobody with the church had contacting officials about Catherine.

In fact, Sanches said he has not been aware of any law enforcement contact with the Church of Wells since April, 2014.

On April 5, 2014, members of the church were involved in a disturbance at the Wells Homecoming Day festivities. During the event, two men began fighting with three Church of Wells members, causing injuries to all three, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff's office report. No charges were filed.

The incident reportedly took place after some members of the Church of Wells began to “street preach” in front of young children at the Homecoming Parade.

On April 11, 2014, the Church of Wells held a protest in the middle of town to defend their religious beliefs as well as the incident that took place on April 5.

The protest remained peaceful, however some buzz was created when media began questioning Catherine Grove, who was attending the protest.

She spoke briefly saying “It's not about me. I'm dead. I've been crucified by God. I just want to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, not myself,” she responded to those around her.

Grove did not speak after the statement, although questions continued to be directed to her. The Progress asked Grove if she wanted to tell her parents she loved them or that she was OK?

Catherine did not comment.

The Groves family has become a nationally-known voice against the church. Groves' parents appeared on an ABC News Nightline special about the Church of Wells in 2014. The Groves claimed Catherine was being held against her will.

Catherine told the Progress in 2013 that her interest in the Church of Wells began years ago when she met a church member at a seminar and a man gave her contact information on a piece of paper. She said she set the information aside for more than a year.

Making and paying for her own arrangements, then-26-year-old-Catherine said she traveled 13 hours by bus to Lufkin to locate with the Wells group.

The Facebook Page for Catherine Grove was unaccessible Friday morning, possibly due to high traffic on the page followingher return.

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