RUSK – Cherokee County leaders voted on several different items Tuesday during a regular meeting of the Commissioners' Court pertaining to equipment and supplies that would better able them to meet the needs of residents.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Billy McCutcheon's request to amend a budget to transfer $35,000 from a purchase of new trucks account into a equipment purchase and expense account was unanimously approved, allowing his office to pursue the purchase of a 2015 used model Mack truck with 223,000 miles, at a proposed cost of $45,000.

In a separate action, the court unanimously voted to enter into interlocal agreement between the county and Region 8 Educational Service Center for Texas Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), allowing them shop competitively for equipment.

A third agenda item, also approved by county leaders, calls for the purchase of heavy haul trucks to be purchased through Buy Board or TIPS, for one or more precincts.

Pct. 3 Commissioner Patrick Reagan described how, “if each precinct that owns one of those trucks and has a driver assigned to that truck, then all four trucks ran together – if we deliver to Precinct 1 this week, then next week, we deliver to Pct. 4 or 2, or whatever, you get on a rotation (with) four of them going.”

By economizing manpower – which leads to fewer potential safety issues – and time, the county would see an increase in savings, he said.

“The savings is what I'm looking at – this is about taxpayer money, about saving taxpayers money,” he said.

After the meeting McCutcheon explained how the court's action would allow for “an easier, more continual way to move all the material around.”

“This program is working out pretty well – Patrick tried it last year, and talked about the money saved. I'd like to get onboard to try to save that kind of money, too, and then I can get my own material when I need it. I don't have to worry about contacting anyone to truck it out (to the site), because we can haul it straight to where we need it,” McCutcheon said.

During Tuesday's meeting, the court also:

• Approved a Cherokee County Public Health Department Rental Addendum 2 with Texas Ruby Properties. County Judge Chris Davis said grant money will pay for the rent of additional space for CCPHD to use. The rental agreement described a 7,400-square-foot space at 803 College St. in Jacksonville that once housed a library, sorting rooms and offices for Lon Morris College.

• Approved a motion to accept salvage road material for Precinct 3 from Louie Lake;

• Approval to purchase; and

• Approved the 2020 volunteer fire department contracts and mutual aid agreements;

• Approved a tax refund in the amount of $2,738.78 for a military veteran who was awarded 100 percent disability for the tax years 2018 and 2019;

• Reappointed Danny Berry as a Cherokee County Airport Advisory Board member, and named Mike Miller as a new board member;

• Approved two separate lease agreements at the Cherokee County Airport: One is between Richard Birch and Sandy Gahagan, while a second one is between the county and Charles and Lisa Crossman;

• Approved a county vehicle and equipment use policy;

• Approved an agreement with the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide driver records to Cherokee County at no cost; and

• Approved a consent agenda, that includes monthly and racial profiling reports from Precinct 3 Constable Eddie Lee, along with authorizing payment of Bills, payroll and transfer of funds.

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