Roy Cavazoz Jr.

CHEROKEE COUNTY – A third candidate – Roy Cavazoz Jr. of Rusk – has added his name to the race for Cherokee County Sheriff.

“After careful thought and discussin with my wife and much prayer, I decided to run for sheriff with the desire to move the department in a direction that will be responsive to the public we serve,” he said.

Cavazoz is a lifelong resident of Cherokee County, graduating from Jacksonville High School in 1987 and has served in law enforcement for 31 years.

“I started my career in law enforcement in 1988 as a jailer at the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, and attended the East Texas Police Academy in 1990,” he said. “I became a reserve officer for the Rusk Police Department in 1990 and went full-time in 1991. I rose to the rank of assistant chief of police, leaving that position in November 2010,” he said, adding that since that time, he has been employed with the Rusk County Sheriff's Office, and currently is an investigator with the rank of sergeant, handling crimes against a person for that department.

Cavazoz also has taught two night police courses for the East Texas Police Academy and holds a master Peace Officers license.

He listed several goals if elected as sheriff of Cherokee County:

“I would put in place a policy for a timely response to be made to citizens who file reports, to let them know it is being worked, and I would look at ways to increase the number of deputies on shift using existing personnel,” Cavazoz said.

Good communication with the citizens of Cherokee County is a must, as is finding grant money to help assist officers doing their jobs, he added.

“I would work on getting access to existing technologies through grants to assist in patrol and investigations,” he said.

And to help generate revenue for the department, Cavazoz said he would “look into utilizing the jail to possibly house out-of-county prisoners if the space is available.”

“Working closely with the local law enforcement agencies, as well as surrounding agencies, to track criminals who commit crimes in multiple jurisdictions” is also something important to him.

And he hopes to share his extensive training and background with the department's employees by implementing “an in-house training program,” he said. “By doing this, you get more training at a reduced cost without always having to send your employees out for training. And this will allow you to stretch your training budget, and get more for less.”

If elected, Cavazoz said, “I pledge to serve with honor and integrity. The sheriff serves the citizens of Cherokee Conty and should have a servant's heart, striving to instill in his employees the notion that they will be needed to lead the Sheriff's Department. And with close to 29 years in law enforcement – with at least 20 of those in a supervisory role – it is my hope that the citizens of Cherokee County agree.”

He is married to Janet Meador Cavazoz, and the couple has two daughters, Elizabeth Cavazoz Ware and Mary Jane Cavazoz Guyton.

He is a member of First Baptist Church in Rusk and served on the Rusk ISD school board from 2006 to 2016. Cavazos also was Chairman of the Rusk Salvation Army as well as the Chairman of the Rusk Friends of the NRA.

At present, he serves as the Republican chair for Cherokee County's Box 12.

Earlier during the summer, Sheriff James Campbell reminded the Cherokee County Commissioners' Court that he would not be seeking re-election after having served more than two decades as the county's top law enforcement agent.

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