According to Sheriff James Campbell, the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department:

- Received 3,606 calls, of which 1,996 were 9-1-1 calls, with 1,815 calls dispatched to deputies. Of the calls received, 108 were alarm calls and 37 were fire calls.

- The county had an intake of 184 prisoners in May, with the same amount – 184 – released. The average daily inmate population was 139. Seven prisoners awaited a TDCJ transfer, while 12 were sent to TDCJ.

- A total of 220 civil processes served, and a total of $15,207.38 was collected in fees.

- A total of 66,788 miles were driven by sheriff's officers, and two juveniles were transported.

- The sheriff's office received 112 animal control calls/complaints, and 156 offense cases were reported.

Campbell's report also included a breakdown of 156 offenses handled by his office in May. They include: 21 reports of assault/family violence, 19 reports of incident intake – CPS and 13 reports each for incidents and for theft.

The remainder of offenses were for a variety of things, with most having a handful of reports or less, according to the sheriff's report.