Responding to the increasing number of people wanting to assist law enforcement officials and build a stronger partnership in the fight against crime, Sheriff James E. Campbell recently announced that Cherokee County citizens are being invited to become associate members of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas.

Membership appeals will go out in the mail soon. Individuals choosing to join the voluntary program can do so for as little as $25, while businesses can show their support beginning at a $100 contribution level.

The funding provides critically important technical resources, training and legislative support on key criminal justice issues.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and unlike other organizations in our state, the membership program does not solicit membership by telephone.

“With government funding becoming increasingly difficult to secure, the membership drive has taken on greater importance than ever before,” Campbell said. “The funding is vital to helping us carry out our mission of making our communities safer places to live, work and play.”

The program is committed to its “No Telemarketing” policy and only sends invitations to citizens to be come members by mail.

Individuals who do not receive a membership appeal and would like more information may contact the Sheriffs' Association of Texas, 1601 S. Interstate 35, Austin TX 78741-2503, or call 512-445-5888.

Information also is available online at

The membership program was formed to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support to more effective law enforcement and to help local law enforcement officers protect the lives and property of citizens.

“As the need for building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships in this country continues to escalate, programs such as this continue to grow in importance,” Campbell said.

“I encourage everyone receiving a membership appeal to consider joining forces with us by becoming an associate member. It is a valuable investment in the future,” he said.

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