The Cherokee District Women’s Missionary Auxiliary met on July 13, 2021 at Afton Grove Baptist Church where the WMA served a delicious meal in the beautifully decorated family life center at 6:00 p.m. Once we had finished our meal, we went to their Independence Day decorated auditorium for the district program. President Cindy Allen called the meeting to order and opening prayer was led by Carol Murph. A special in song entitled, “Didn’t I Walk on the Water,” was presented by Annie Williams and Cheryl Richardson, and enjoyed by all.

Rosemary Hallum introduced the speaker for the evening, Ms. Patsy Whitaker, Principal at Jacksonville Middle School. Ms. Whitaker is in her fourth year as Principal and gave a very interesting presentation on the voyage of her school through COVID-19 and the challenges it presented. Being a former coach, she presented facing the COVID challenge as quarters of a ball game. The first quarter, March-July of 2020, the second quarter, August-October of 2020, the third quarter, November 2020-March 2021, and the fourth quarter, April 2021- present. Each quarter presented a different challenge, but their uppermost consideration for all quarters was “keeping the students safe.” Having a theme seemed to give the teachers and staff something to rally around. Last year the theme was Facing It Together, We Can Do Anything. This year’s theme is FIERCE-Facing Everything and Rising, Creates Excellence. Ms. Whitaker credited their overcoming difficult circumstances to each person on campus being willing to step up and go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities. This fall the campus is planning to return to “normal,” including the cafeteria and class activities. Mrs. Hallum extended appreciation to Ms. Whitaker for her giving us an overview of her past school year, and presented her a token of appreciation from the District WMA.

The minutes and a financial report from the April 13, 2021 meeting at the BMA Seminary had been sent to each local WMA to review prior to the July meeting. These reports were declared accepted as given. A current Report of Income and Expenses was also distributed for review. This report was declared accepted as presented.

President Cindy Allen called for new business which was the presentation of the minutes of the Planning Committee.

The following officers were nominated for 2021-2022: President, Cindy Allen; Vice President, Nancy Washburn; Secretary/Treasurer, Lugene Sims; Pianist, Eloise Thomas; Historian, Alicia Johnson; and Prayer Chairman, Alicia Johnson. The floor was opened for nominations for Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, since there was not a recommendation from the floor, this office will remain open.

Other recommendations were: that the 2021-2022 project be one-half for BMA Seminary and one-half for Jacksonville College, with specific projects to be determined later. Cindy Allen will contact each of these schools for project suggestions. The recommended goal is $2,000.00.

Meeting places were also recommended: October 19th, Mt. Selman; January 11th, Cornerstone; April 12th, Sardis; and July 12th, First Baptist, Jacksonville.

There was a motion that the Planning Committee minutes be approved and these officers be elected. Motion carried.

There was a motion and second that the new Secretary-Treasurer, Lugene Sims, and President, Cindy Allen, be authorized to sign on the Cherokee District WMA bank account at Austin Bank. Motion carried.

The recommended officers and Prayer Chairman were introduced and Glenda Haynes led a prayer for them.

Glenda Haynes from Cornerstone extended words of appreciation for the hospitality and warm welcome given by Afton Grove. The Attendance Banner was awarded to First Baptist, Jacksonville.

Lugene Sims reported that there were twenty-three WMA ladies, four officers, and three visitors for a total of twenty-six in attendance.

There was $616.00 received (either before or at the meeting), of which $516.00 was designated for the project and $100.00 for General Fund.

Everyone was invited to attend the National WMA Women’s Ministry Conference beginning at

9:00 am (registration at 8:30) on August 3rd at Heritage Baptist Church in Waxahachie.

It was announced that the Texas State WMA Ladies’ Retreat will be Sept. 11 at Daniel Springs Baptist Camp at Gary, Texas. The fee will be $30.00. The theme verse is Psalm 46:10. Cornerstone will be taking a bus and it will be available for those who would like to ride, up to 15 passengers.

All were invited to attend the BMA Seminary Dinner, this year honoring Dr. Philip Attebery, held on Tuesday, August 3rd at 5:00 pm at Heritage Baptist Church in Waxahachie. Contact BMA Seminary for tickets.

Alicia Johnson read the submitted prayer requests, and closed the meeting with prayer which included those mentioned in the prayer requests.

The local project for October will be cookies for Jacksonville College students during final exams. The number of cookies needed and the date to bring them will be announced at the October meeting.

The next district WMA meeting will be at Mt. Selman on October 19, 2021. There will be no meal and the meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. Afton Grove will bring the “words of appreciation.”

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