Jacksonville, Texas

A recycling dumpster set up by the City of Jacksonville on Bolton Street to prevent ongoing abuse of the unattended container, according to city officials.

The dumpster will be relocated to Royal Oaks Landfill at 440 Heath Lane, said city communications director Andrew C. Lugo in a news release.

“The city does see the merit and benefits to the recycling program; however, the current unattended system has led to abuse and is not functioning satisfactorily. Many people are placing items into the dumpster which are not recyclable, including significant quantities of trash,” he said, apologizing for any inconvenience created by the move.

The city partners with Republic Services to provide recycling services at the Royal Oaks Landfill; it is planning to launch a voluntary curbside recycling program by the end of Summer 2019, the release stated.

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