Today marks the third anniversary of the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy, when the shuttle exploded over East Texas. The Daily Progress asked local residents what they remember about that morning.

“I remember how bright and pretty it was that morning. The dogs went crazy. I went outside, I didn’t know what it was ... I turned the TV on and sat there stunned. Needless to say, no housework got done that day. It floors me to think about it now.”

— Linda Crim,


“I was at my house on Nacogdoches Street, and it was early in the morning. Me and my granddaughter, Alicia White, were in the living room about to watch TV when we heard it. The house shook, and we looked at each other and wondered what it was.”

— Linda Alvarez, Jacksonville

“I was working at Western Lithotech at the time. We all heard a boom, and we looked outside and saw smoke everywhere. We went back to work and heard on the radio what had happened later on.”

— Gary Delaune,Reklaw

“I was still in bed. It was the biggest boom I ever heard. It shook the whole house. I was sad for all those poor folks coming home.”

— Robert Chapman, Alto

“I was in Tyler at the Midas muffler and brake shop. I heard a big boom and was trying to figure out what it was.”

— Maurice Anderson, Larissa

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