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Cherokee County commissioners approved improvements proposed by Texas Department of Transportation in Bullard. The changes will create directional islands, allowing for left turns only onto US 69 from CR 3801. The intent of the directional islands is to limit the number of vehicular wrecks and fatalities.

Changes to CDL drug testing policy and the EEO and Harassment sections were approved to bring local code in line with updated state and federal policies.

Policy changes regarding court approval of job reclassifications and adding new positions passed with opposition.

Cara Kittrick, Human Resources Director, explained that elected officials have autonomy over their offices and other counties do not have commissioners approve adjustments to titles or tasks within individual departments. As HR Director, Kittrick would continue to review proposed changes to make certain they were in compliance with the law.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Kelly Traylor believed changes should come before the court for reasons of transparency and communication, because departmental changes in employee titles, duties and promotions could impact the budget.

“We need to know changes are coming ahead of time, especially if it requires more money,” Traylor said. “We need a little more communication.”

“I think it’s evident the way Chris set it up this past year with the budget workshops that we had the opportunity to talk with some people. I think, because of that, we’re going to have the information we need as far as the budget side,” Precinct 3 Commissioner Patrick Reagan said.

Following discussion, the policy updates regarding job classification and adding new positions were each passed 3-1. Precinct 2 Commissioner Steven Norton was not present.

With the passage of the policy updates, it was not necessary to address the job descriptions of full time evidence custodian in the sheriff’s department or that of airport manager which were on the agenda.

Commissioners did adopted the annual Volunteer Fire Department contract and Mutual Aid Agreement with 12 volunteer fire departments as well as an amendment to the lease agreement for hanger #32, allowing for an extension to the rear.

Also approved were five tax refunds greater than $500. The refunds were a result of over payment.

The sheriff department’s report was received and approved. The report indicated a total of 3,150 calls were received during the month of October, with 1,690 dispatched to deputies. Of the 204 offense cases reported, CPS intake had the most incidents with 33. There were 25 incidents of theft and 14 assaults/family violence. A total of 62 civil process papers were served and $6,051.05 in fees collected.

An interlocal agreement accepted by commissioners will allow for the transfer of 12 Axon body cameras from the Jacksonville Police Department to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department. Jacksonville PD had upgraded their cameras, creating the surplus.

A special sesson of the Cherokee County Commissioners Court has been called fro 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17, in order to canvass the General Election ballots of Nov. 3.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the commissioners court will be at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24.

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