Cherokee County Commissioners voted Monday to pursue a Texas Department of Transportation grant that will help revamp taxiways and runways at the county airport, something done about once a decade to ensure safety at the site, said County Judge Chris Davis.

“We haven't done that in about 12 years, but we want to keep up maintenance of them, and not let them get into bad shape. Because I'm thinking a pothole on an airport taxiway is much different than a pothole in a street,” he said.

The county's responsibility for repairs is 10 percent and will be offset by the TXDoT grant, he said, adding “we use a lot of these grants at our airport.”

The court is hoping to begin the project this summer, Davis said.

During Monday's meeting, public hearings were held on setting speed limits along two roads located in Pct. 1, which is overseen by Commissioner Kelly Traylor.

While commissioners opted to gather more information before voting on a 15 mile-per-hour limit on CR 1520 – where mostly businesses are located, Davis said – they voted to set a 35 mile-per-hour limit on CR 1510.

“There's no limit posted there, but drivers do travel at speeds of 50 or 60 miles-per hour, and we just wanted to get a slower limit set there,” the judge said.

No action was taken on agenda items calling for “the abandoning, vacating or closing of CR 2402 in Pct. 2” nor on an item to discuss/consider adoption or revision of Road & Bridge job descriptions, opting to garner more information before addressing a vote.

A proposed policy manual change regarding step and grade related to new hires merited no action by the court, as “we found out that it was already in our manual and we didn't really have to take action,” Davis explained.

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