Gov. Abbott urges Texans to get a flu shot

Texas Governor greg Abbott released a public service announcement Tuesday that emphasized the importance of the state's residents to receive a flu shot this season.

Flu shots are available at many physician's offices and pharmacies now.

“Flu season is already here, and that means we all need to take extra care to stay healthy,” Abbott said in the video. “That’s why I urge every Texan to go get a flu shot. I got mine today.”

The Centers for Disease Control have reccomended Americans getting a flu shot due to the fact the coronavirus (COVID-19) and other reswpiratory viruses will be circulating at the same time as the flu.

Flu season usually begins in October, with the peak occurring between December and Febrtuary.

Flu vaccines' effectiveness rates can vary based on several factors, the CDC said. Recent studies show vaccination can reduces risk by as much as 60%.

The CDC reported 62,000 deaths in the United States last year due to the flu.

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