BULLARD — Gumm’s House opened Saturday in Bullard, and from the excitement expressed on several young girls’ faces who visited the shop on opening day, it’s going to be a hit.

Owner Cleo Newburn said, “I just love little girls.”

And her love is evident in the measures she has taken to make sure her new business has a world of wonder, spanning from fancy dresses and shoes to costume jewelry and other accessories.

The business’ name comes from Cleo’s nickname, given to her by her grandchildren.

With pictures of her children and grandchildren adorning the walls of Gumm’s House, Newburn’s passion to play “dress up” and “tea party” has spilt over through the generations.

Saturday, one of her grandchildren, Allison Jones, and her best friend, Kelly Cook, had fun wearing boas, putting on costume jewelry and having a tea party, as Newburn and others enjoyed the show.

“It’s a great place to have birthday parties or even showers for different women’s events,” Newburn said.

To contact Gumm’s House, call 903-581-8309.

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