OUR INSPIRATION. The Jacksonville Area Arts Council (JAAC), inspired by the Kiwanis Club subscription model for providing decor downtown on patriotic occasions, is offering a way for local businesses to enhance their interior spaces with displays of artwork by local artists. Essentially any space in which people work or wait for service may be enhanced: an office, waiting room, break room, reception area, furniture store, new business, and even assisted-living facilities. JAAC suggests that such spaces may be enhanced with artwork using this inexpensive annual subscription service.

HOW JAAC SUBSCRIPTIONS WORK. A subscriber - let's say it's an insurance agency, would select an office area to enhance, perhaps a customer reception area. JAAC will provide a mix of artwork by several local artists to be installed on walls within the subscriber's selected area. These pieces will remain in place for a period of 3 months. Then, JAAC will install a new/different set of local artist's works in place of the previous display. Thus, an annual subscription would provide displays of new/different artwork 4 times a year. JAAC is responsible for necessary touch-up of subscriber display walls, and will use non-destructive display hangars, whether on an installation or quarterly renewal.

KINDS OF ART TO BE DISPLAYED. JAAC members' art comes from the variety of local artists who produce their work in Cherokee County. A display may be made up of as many as four different artist's works, either oi or acrylic paintings, watercolors or photographs, pastel works or pen & inks, or a sculpture or ceramic items. Subjects displayed will be as varied as the artists themselves (a land-scape, floral or still life, an abstract or portrait, collages or objects d'art, all in good taste).

SUBSCRIPTION COST. Proposed annual subscription is just $75 per year. Proceeds benefit the two major thrusts for the Jacksonville Area Arts Council: First, to encourage and promote a growing awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Cherokee County, including scholarships for students interested in pursuing art in their education, shows of local artist's work (including children's art), and by periodic art classes or artist demonstrations. Second, to provide a future gallery and/or studio space for JAAC to help build an increasingly art-centered community in Jacksonville.

SALES OF ARTWORKS. Each local artist's work displayed will be identified with a card showing the artist's name, contact information and selling price. Each displayed item in any subscription will be original art for sale by the artist. Artists agree to share 10% of their sales revenue with JAAC who sponsors the subscription program.

Purchased works may be removed from a display only when the artist has received payment for the purchased work, and then only at the time when the display is being replaced (usually about 3 months from date of installation). JAAC members will install new subscriber displays, and participate in quarterly display rotations. Why not become an early subscriber?

For more information, or to subscribe, or if you have suggestions about improving the subscription process offered, please call Debra Beathard at 586-6140, or Carol Meyers at 586-3978.

JAAC also seeks new members - any resident of Cherokee County who aligns with the two major thrusts noted above is welcome to join, whether you produce visual artworks as a hobby or in an art-related business, or teach art or are an art appreciator. Annual membership dues are $25.

Jacksonville Area Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and a member of the Jacksonville, Texas, Chamber of Commerce.

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