Jacksonville Public Library

City leaders have confirmed local chatter, voting unanimously during its regular meeting Tuesday to authorize City Manager Greg Smith to shut down the local public library, allowing for sale of the property to an undisclosed buyer.

“The library is under contract to be sold; closing on the sale will initiate (its) closure,” Smith said, noting that the facility will remain open until the sale. “Once that date comes, that is when the library's contents will placed in storage until the new library (site) is open.”

The Jacksonville Public Library, located at 502 S. Jackson St., is slated to reopen in the Spring of 2021 at the Norman Activities Center, 526 E. Commerce St., near the Historic Tomato Bowl.

No word has been given as to who will be purchasing the 1.126-acre tract.

“The business is still not public,” Smith said.

Funds from the sale “will strictly go to the relocation and renovation of the new library location,” he said.

The nine-member staff will be retained, albeit resigned to other departments until the libary opens in its new location, tentatively next April.

Smith said contents of the 10,000-square-foot building will temporarily be held in storage, “with no public access,” until all is located to the Norman Center.

Meanwhile, the move will not impact the Norman Center as a local polling place for the Nov. 3 general election, nor the Oct. 13-30 early voting period.

The last day to register to vote in this election is Monday, Oct. 5, according to Cherokee County Election Administrator Shannon Cornelius.

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