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Students representing several different organizations at Jacksonville College are pictured along with David Hubbard, Dean of Students, as they deliver canned food donations to HOPE’s Manna Kitchen on Thursday morning. The students collected the food this week which was donated by JC faculty, staff and students. Collections also took place before the school’s mens basketball game on Tuesday.

With Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching, students at Jacksonville College showed gratitude for their blessings afew days early by giving back to the Jacksonville community on Thursday morning.

With the school’s Dean of Students David Hubbard leading a small caravan of vehicles laden with canned food items that had been collected on campus over the past few days across town to the HOPE Center, JC students were able to continue an annual tradition of contributing canned goods to restock the shelves of HOPE’s Manna Kitchen.

Hubbard said JC takes a lot of pride in being able to stage the annual food drive and that he is very satisfied with the generosity of the school’s faculty, staff and students.

“This is our way of sharing our good fortunes with the rest of the community,” Hubbard said. “We’re overwhelmed with the amount of food that we’ve been able to collect.

“We have enough (items) to start a store and we hope that it will help the HOPE Center.”

Marion Loftin, Case Manager for HOPE, said that JC students have always gone beyond the call of duty to assist the center, whose kitchen serves in the neighborhood of 1,000 meals each month.

“JBC students have always been wonderful to HOPE and I appreciate them so much,” she said. “JC is hope and they help us to give hope to others. Without them we could not do what we do.”

One student who assisted in the collection and delivery of the canned goods was Jimmy Hendrix, a sophomore from Indio, Calif.  

Hendrix said that being able to participate in such activities is just one of the reason that he choose to attend JC.

“It means a lot to me to be able to attend a school that allows us to do this and to be able to serve others in this way,” Hendrix said.

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