Honors Review to star students

The annual Honors Review will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 2, at the high school auditorium.

The event will reveal the top students for elected honors and include a night of entertainment.

“I would love for the whole student body to come and support the nominees, so they can look at what they can run for in the future,” senior Emilio Chavira said.

Each club voted on a beau and sweetheart to represent their organization. The honors available for all grades were the individual grades favorites and Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine. The categories only applicable to seniors were campus beau and cutie, most likely to succeed, most athletic, most talented, most handsome and beautiful, and Mr. and Miss JHS.

“It feels great to be chosen as beau for so many of my organizations because in the past I haven’t been nominated for anything,” Chavira said. “I am very honored to receive the beau awards.”

The students, in their homeroom classes, were able to vote from a list of nominees to select the winners of each honor. Mr. and Miss JHS and the most handsome and most beautiful have not yet been revealed. From the top three nominees the winners will be selected.

“This year I was nominated for three or more events, last year I was nominated and won junior class favorite,” Tasheena Canady, Miss JHS nominee said. “I’m excited about being nominated because it’s just an honor to be in the running for Miss JHS.  It’s nice to have your classmates elect and vote for you on something like this.”

The student council will host the event and decorate the stage. This year’s theme is a “Starry Night.”

“I did not expect to get nominated for most handsome, and I feel honored,” senior Bradley Triplett said. “I do want people to come out because it will be a fun event celebrating the honors.”

All members of the community are encouraged to attend. Admission tickets are $5 per person.

“I would love for the JISD staff, student body, parents and friends to come support these students,” Ashley Smith, student council sponsor said. “This is an exciting event for the students and I am sure they would love to share this moment.”

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