JISD students participate in U.I.L. competitions

Two students practice their chess skills during the U.I.L. competitions.

Students from four Jacksonville ISD elementary schools – East Side, West Side, Fred Douglass and Joe Wright – along with those from Nichols Intermediate School competed in a district-wide UIL Competition hosted Wednesday at Jacksonville College.

A total of 216 students participated, with middle school and high school academic UIL students volunteers helping guide participants to different locations where competitions were held, as well as offering them encouragement, said Grace Traylor, JISD public relations director.

Students who placed in contests include:

Second grade Chess Puzzle: 1st place – Levi Sotelo, WS; 2nd place (tie) – Hunter Fiscal, JW, and Hendrix Alexander, FD;

4th place (tie) – Jaxon Blakeney, ES, and Julian Munoz, WS, Gunner Vega, ES, and Abraham Traylor, ES

Third grade Chess Puzzle: 1st place – Jonathan Cruz, ES; 2nd place – Madalyn Tennison, FD; 3rd place – Eli Martinez, JW;

4th place (tie) – Annabelle Burgess, FD, and Jaime Rodriguez, WS; 5th place – Brylee Hooker, ES

Fourth grade Chess Puzzle: 1st place – Tristan Barajas, FD; 2nd place – Jackson Toch, ES; 3rd place (tie) – Fiann Rhea, FD and Nathaniel Torres, ES; 5th place – James Traylor, ES; 6th place (tie) – Corbyn King, JW, and Cesar Meza, JW

Fifth grade Chess Puzzle (all contestants are from are Nichols Intermediate): 1st place – Landon Best; 2nd place – Hayden Alexander; 3rd place – Camryn Thompson; 4th place – Kyli Clements

Fourth grade Oral Reading: 1st place – Bella Valenzuela, ES; 2nd place – Haylie Dean, JW; 3rd place – Mary Grace Peacock, FD; 4th place – Aubrey Lake, ES; 5th place – Sydney Harmel, ES; 6th place – Alexis Williams, FD

Fifth grade Oral Reading: 1st place – Azleigh Powell; 2nd place – Alena Eads; 3rd place – Devanney Longino; 4th place – De’Avian Maxie

Second grade Creative Writing: 1st place – Elise Silvey, JW; 2nd place – Naomi Rodriguez, JW; 3rd place – Audree Jiles, ES; 4th place – Abraham Traylor, ES; 5th place – Kimberly Rodriguez, WS; 6th place – Levi York, JW

Fifth grade Dictionary skills: 1st place – Emily Sims

Fourth Grade music memory: 1st place – Emery Stephens, ES; 2nd place – Landi Clark, ES; 3rd place – Bella Thompson, FD; 4th place – Sydney Harmel, ES; 5th place – Trinitee Bell, FD; 6th place – Mia Guillen, ES

Fifth grade music memory: 1st place – Daniel Perez; 2nd place – Elyssa Prince

Third grade Ready Writing: 1st place – Kira Chavers, ES; 2nd place – Dainie Arreguin, ES; 3rd place – Madilyn Tennison, FD; 4th place – Leah Best, ES; 5th place – Annaleah Chavez, FD; 6th place – Valeria Rangel, JW

Fourth grade Ready Writing: 1st place – Kenley Penn, FD; 2nd place – Mary Grace Peacock, FD; 3rd place – Allison Gaytan, JW; 4th place – JaQualyn Clayborn, JW; 5th place – Emery Stephens, ES; 6th place – Evelyn Chavez, FD

Fifth grade Ready Writing: 1st place – Bailey Tarrant; 2nd place – Jackson Penn

Fifth grade Maps, Graphs and Charts: 1st place – Andi Bell; 2nd place – Olivia Parra; 3rd place – Dawson Rush 4th place – Cianna Devillier; 5th place – Malaya Travis

Fourth grade Number Sense: 1st place – Angel Martinez, JW; 2nd place – James Traylor, ES; 3rd place – Mia Guillen, ES; 4th place – Miranda Moreira, JW; 5th place (tie) – Cesar Meza, JW, and Nate Torres, ES

Fifth grade Number Sense: 1st place – Andi Bell; 2nd place – Camryn Thompson; 3rd place – Aaron Baugess; 4th place – Malique Masenburge

Second grade Storytelling: 1st place – Orion Brake, ES; 2nd place – Hutton Penn, FD; 3rd place – Brynnleigh Campbell, ES; 4th place – Joseph Simonek, JW; 5th place – Maycee Evans, FD; 6th place – Gracie Traylor, ES

Third grade Storytelling: 1st place – Leah Best, ES; 2nd place – Eva Calvillo, JW; 3rd place – Madilyn Tennison, FD; 4th place – Emily Mondragon, WS; 5th place – Andileigh Snider, ES; 6th place – Dianie Arreguin, ES

Third grade Spelling: 1st place – Jonathan Cruz, ES; 2nd place – Chance Barnett, JW; 3rd place – Kira Chavers, ES; 4th place – Annaleah Chavez, FD; 5th place – Annabelle Burgess, FD; 6th place – Riley York, JW

Fourth grade Spelling: 1st place – Devri Mathis, WS; 2nd place – Chloe James, JW; 3rd place – James Traylor, ES; 4th place – Hendrix Burnett, ES; 5th place – Evelyn Chavez, FD; 6th place – Kenley Penn, FD

Fifth grade Spelling: 1st place – Lyndee Brown; 2nd place – Ramie Shattuck; 3rd place – Gracie Morales; 4th place – Malique Masenburg

Fourth grade Art: 1st place – Hendrix Burnett, ES; 2nd place – Daylin Mares, ES; 3rd place – Trinitee Bell, FD; 4th place – Jayden Egan, FD;

5th place – Riley Brashear, FD; 6th place – Kenley Penn, FD

Fifth grade Listening Skills

1st place – Charlee Willis; 2nd place – Johan Mojica; 3rd place – Omar Guerrero; 4th place – Issac Mosely; 5th place – Jazmin Ruiz

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